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AA-818G-2KW-PT TWT Pulse RF Amplifier

AA-818G-2KW-PT TWT Pulse RF Amplifier

  • Rack-mounted system
  • Built-in protection circuits
  • High reliability and ruggedness

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The Advanced Amplifiers AA-818G-2KW-PT Pulsed RF Amplifier delivers incomparable Pulsed RF  performance for operation in hostile field environments or benign laboratories. Integrated with microprocessors, operators and/or computers are capable of monitoring TWT conditions, fault latching, and control of power supply and modulator parameters. The Advanced Amplifiers AA-818G-2KW-PT amplifier provides a frequency range of 8 to 18 GHz. Advanced Amplifiers AA-818G-2KW-PT amplifiers are designed with an RS-232 interface that provides the ability to remotely operate, monitor, control and adjust the system.

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