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About Advanced Amplifiers

Advanced Amplifiers is a global provider of solid state RF power amplifiers, offering continuous wave and pulse amplifiers with a variety of frequencies and power. The Advanced Amplifiers line of ultra-high linearity amplifiers revolutionizes RF power amplifier design with their unique form factor, high energy efficiency and simple front panel operation. These state-of-the-art amplifiers are tailored to meet EMC test standards covering a frequency range from 10kHz to 40GHz, up to 200V/m. Advanced Amplifiers amps are also versatile, providing test engineers with an amplifier selection optimized for EMC, RF Communications, Electronic Warfare and Radar applications.


Form factor is integral to the efficiency of these test systems; their low-weight and low-profile build allows for easy transportation and frees up rack space for more test systems. The front panel is simple to operate with a touchscreen interface or can be controlled via Ethernet (RJ-45 TCP/IP), RS422/485 or GPIB interfaces. All Advanced Amplifier units are housed in a striking cobalt-blue cabinet for benchtop applications and can be removed for rack mounting.


Every Advanced Amplifier product is built with solid state transistor technology, which enhances energy efficiency. The high linearity and quick heat dissipation set Advanced Amplifier test systems apart from other solid state amps. All models are built with a class AB linear design allowing for more efficient power output and less heat generation. Advanced Amplifiers are ideal for EMC testing, especially in applications which call for an instantaneous bandwidth and high reliability and ruggedness.

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