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AA-700M6G-150 Solid State High Power Amplifier

AA-700M6G-150 Solid State High Power Amplifier

  • Designed for EMI/RFI, lab, CW/Pulse and all communication applications
  • Small form factor, rack mounted system
  • Class A/AB Linear design
  • High Power Advanced technology devices
  • Instantaneous ultra-wide bandwidth
  • Built-in protection circuits, with extensive monitoring
  • Local LCD & remote flexible interfaces
  • High efficiency, with unprecedented reliability and ruggedness


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The Advanced Amplifiers AA-700M6G-150 is a solid-state, high-power amplifier with an instantaneous ultra-wide bandwidth that's ideal for EMI and RFI applications. The AA-700M6G-150 solid state amplifier promises a wide frequency range from 1 to 6 GHz and a continuous wave (CW) or pulse power output that reaches 150 watts. The Advanced Amplifiers device guarantees safe usage thanks to built-in protection circuits with extensive monitoring. A local LCD screen and remote flexible interfaces create a user-friendly experience, along with a small form factor that's easy to move throughout a lab. The Advanced Amplifiers AA-700M6G-150 Solid State High Power Amplifier promises high efficiency and reliability in a highly durable model.

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