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AA-618G-2KW-PT TWT Pulse Amplifier

AA-618G-2KW-PT TWT Pulse Amplifier

  • Small form factor 5U chassis
  • Modern TWT design with internal monitoring
  • Instantaneous L-Band octave bandwidth
  • Suitable for linear high peak pulse applications
  • Built-in protection circuits
  • Versatile interface options
  • High reliability and ruggedness

The Advanced Amplifiers AA-618-2KW-PT is a high-power TWT pulse amplifier that operates over a frequency range of 6.50 - 18.0 GHz and generates 2kW of peak pulse power. This unit operates up to the 6% duty cycle with a pulse width range from 0.1µs to 100µs. Advanced Amplifiers AA-618-2KW-PT models are designed with modern TWT architecture and feature internal monitoring. Ideal for linear high peak pulse applications, these RF amplifiers also feature built-in protection circuits and a versatile user interface. All AA-618-2KW-PT are built with a rugged exterior functional in both lab and field testing environments.

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